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How We Started ?go top

More than a decade ago, we found ourselves living in a community with no fresh green tea at all. We have managed to get small quantity of fresh green tea whenever there was a harvest in China every year. Friends were amazed by the freshness of those green teas served when they came over. And they started to love green tea as well. Frequently asked questions among our friends are “where do you get those fresh tea leaves?” and “How shall we prepare it to keep the freshness at its most?”

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Day after day, year after year, we have shared our fresh loose tea leaves, our tea drinking experience, and our joy with more and more friends from all over the world. And one day, someone suggested: ” Why don’t you put your experience and those fantastic tea leaf products on the web so that many other people can share and enjoy them as well?” It’s definitely a good idea! So, here we are!

Who We Are?go top is dedicated to provide you the best quality fresh current year loose tea leaf products; is also a great source for you to learn almost everything about tea; the site of is solely owned by Wheatmoon Corporation.

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What We Do?go top

Through, we provide you with the green tea, jasmine, oolong tea, and red tea all current year and best quality fresh loose tea leaves; we also provide you with the tea sets, tea pots, and tea accessories; moreover, we provide you with the virtual tea library that you can learn almost every aspect of tea here. Besides, we have a section, Around TeaTable, with broaden topics related to life, taste and tea.

Green Tea? Understanding and Misunderstandinggo top

Too often, people live in North America as well as many other places think that the dark brown colored tea liquid like soy sauce they have been served in oriental restaurants are green tea. They have no idea that green tea should be green, or dark green. Too often, when you bought a package of green tea, you have no clue which year it was harvested. Even the package might show you a date of production/expiration, it is hard to say how much confidence you would have on this date.

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As a matter of fact, many people who thought they have drunk “green” tea, have never get a chance to experience the fresh current green tea with rich in green color, texture and flavor! The green tea should be green, just like the green vegetable should be green. Moreover, it should be served in green or in green brown depends on the type and location of the tea products.

There is another misunderstanding: Jasmine is always good quality tea. No! In China, only relative low quality tea leaves are used to make Jasmine. The high quality tea leaves have its own texture and flavor which does not need the help of Jasmine flavor. However, there are exceptions. Through our web site, we will introduce you high quality Jasmine made of fresh high-end green tea.

Why ?go top

The difference between and other web tea shop is that we enjoy green tea ourselves! We are, first of all, green tea consumers ourselves. We are not pushing you to buy our products. Instead, we want to share with you our great experience with green tea. And we try to provide you with a great channel to integrate green tea into your daily lives. It’s not just tea, or buying or drinking tea. It’s about your life style! In addition, we provide comprehensive educational sections for the tea history, culture, health, and tea preparation, & etc online. Which it is hard to imagine that anyone, without a deep understanding and love to green tea, could provide the parallel services as we do in a personal way! After all, if you don’t want to buy, it could still be an interesting experience to browse our site for extra knowledge journey.

What We Can Provide You From ?go top

We are proud to provide you the fresh current year tea products, with most of them are Green Teas and some Red Tea, and Oolong Tea. Tea products are selected carefully by our reps at the farms in China. Then  air-borned to USA, and preserved in a professional way to keep its freshness and original flavor.

Starting early year 2002, we will provide authentic Chinese elegant tea pot sets, and accessories to our friends and clients. Who enjoy the fresh green tea and who enjoy the flavor green tea added to their lives.