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Diverse Green Tea Products

Diverse Green Tea Products

Lone King

Lone King Green Tea Originated from 1700 years ago of Ming Dynasty, it was named after the tea trees nearby a well called Old LoneKing Well (means Old Dragon Well in English). LoneKing tea has three top-end types: Shifeng, Meiwu, and West Lake, and they are all located in Hangzhou City, China and LoneKing tea is the most famous among all green teas. Pan fried in a tea wok, the smoothly flat green leaves produce a bright green color and buttery rich flavor that finishes with a delicately roasted freshness. has West Lake LoneKing available for you.

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Mao Feng Yellow Mountain MaoFeng Green Tea

Incepted since around 1875 of Qing Dynasty by a tea professional Xie, JingHe. And MaoFeng has been harvested from the highest mountain of eastern China, Yellow Mountain in AnHui, China. So it is also called Yellow Mountain MaoFeng, with Mao means fluffy young tea buds, and Feng means mountain peak.

Nurtured by its mystic silky clouds and mighty green valley, its ivy green leaf tips are light and crispy. MaoFeng has three grades: top, middle, and low. has top grade available.

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Green Cloud

GreenCloud Green TeaDeveloped in the middle of 1980’s in southeast of JiangSu China. GreenCloud has stood out with its jade green, pure wood flavor, and a touch of the mountain cloud.

This green tea has been tested in China as a functional tea to reduce the probability of getting cancer.

IvyTip IvyTip Green Tea

Developed in the early 1980’s in the most southern China, YunNan. IvyTip is famous in its unique clear green and yellow, with a tropical bold woodland golden flavor. It’s crispy dried tea leaves reminded tea drinkers of Yellow Mountain MaoFeng.

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SilverJ Green Tea

Developed in the 1970’s in Yellow Mountain, AnHui China. It soon becomes one of the popular green tea in China for it silver green tea color and a J shaped leaves like hook. It is fresh green and frequently recommends to its client who wish to try new types of green tea.

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PearlGreen PearlGreen Green Tea

One of the earliest tea products starting to export overseas at the beginning of 1800’s, PearlGreen is tighly rolled. And was originated from Ping Shui of ZheJiang China in Tang Dynasty. Many Europeans also call it “gunpowder” due to its shape. Characterized by its pearl shape, rich dark green color and bright woodland flavor, PearlGreen is an all time favor in the green tea world.

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