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What is is the place you can not only purchase high quality fresh and current year green tea, jasmine, some oolong, and red tea , but also learn almost every aspect about tea. We have committed to provide you the world of green tea via is solely owned by Wheatmoon Corporation.

What kind of products have?

You can select various kinds of top quality green teas as well as some best red and oolong teas. If there are some tea products that you could not find in our site, please let us know and we will try to see if we can help you.

Which types of tea products are sold by In what form and quality?

We only sell the best quality fresh tea leaves – green, jasmine, red, or oolong at this moment. We will introduce our friends and clients new types famous Chinese tea from time to time. We airborne teas from China after our reps select them from the tea farms, and stored them professionally. Tea leaves are loose, fresh, and harvested in current tea year.

What if I don’t know how to drink loose leaf tea?

Loose leaf tea are the best tea! We do not sell tea bags since we consider the quality of tea bag teas is much lower. If you are not familiar with the way it drinks, you can purchase our tea accessory such as tea filter ball, and/or tea filter net. We also have a type of Jasmine Green Tea called Jasmine Q in which the tea leaves have been bundled together so you would not have problem to drink it. You can also try our Start Kit, a package designed for new starters at a great value.

What can I do if I feel the tea tastes a little bitter?

First, you do not add sugar! Second, you can purchase some Jasmine PearlGreen, and/or Jasmine Q, two high quality Jasmine teas, to prepare it together with other green tea to reduce the bitterness, while adding elegant Jasmine flavor. After a while, you will get use to the tea taste and you can go on your own.

What kind of benefits if I drink green tea?

Tea can cool you down, ease your thirst, and make you feel energetic. Many researches show that Green tea can reduce the probability for human beings to get cancer. It also lowers your body and blood fat, and reduces your cholesterals in your body. It helps flush and clean your body, and make you feel young and energetic. Please check our Tea Health page for more information. In addition, drinking green fresh tea, observing the green lovely tea leaves up and down under the caress of sunshine could bring you some very different feelings that you might not have it before, and help to re-balance your spirit before/after a day of busy schedule. It can eventually help you change your life style.

What Current Tea Year means?

Tea Year: When mentions fresh tea. It means fresh tea loose leaves harvested in the Spring, Summer, and/or Autumn of current calendar year after April. Current Tea Year simply means the period from current Spring, Summer, or Autumn to next Spring, Summer, Autumn before the next harvest for Spring, Summer, or Autumn Tea Leaves. All Green tea products are current tea year guaranteed. For Red, Oolong and other tea products, you will see the notation of non-current year if it is already passed the current tea year period. After the current tea year for each product, we usually will dump the old tea for rooms to store the newly-coming fresh tea products. We have no desire to make extra profit at the expense of quality. After all, our goal is to share and enjoy the experience of GOOD and FRESH TEA!

How to prepare the tea before drink?

Please check our Tea Preparation section for detailed information.

If I know nothing about tea, how and where can I start?

You can browse our Tea Library section to get some basic knowledge, and select our starter kit packaged with one pack of LoneKing Green Tea, one pack of IvyTip, One pack of Jasmine PearlGreen, and one pack of Jasmine Q at a great price of $19.95, plus a free bonus pack including a clay tea spoon or a clay tea cup, and a tea filter net.

What is our return policy?

Customers shall contact us within 15 days after the receipt of your package to get return authorization before shipping back. No return authorization will be granted if the 15-day period is passed. All return packages shall be in its original package, and subject to 15% restocking charge. Package can not be returned without the original package. If there is a problem with tea quality, you will have the option for exchange, store credit, or refund at full credit (shipping, tax not included). If the product has been consumed substantially (25% or more), or it has been damaged to the extent and we judge it is no longer consumable, no refund will be granted. All returned packages are subject to our examination before a refund, store credit, or exchange can be made.

How much is the shipping & handling charges and sales tax? How long does it take for shipment? Which area you ship to? What kind of payment method(s) you accept?

We use USPS Priority Mail to ship to you. For within continental USA, the shipping and handling charges are $4.75, $12.75 and $24.95 for purchase amount totalling of up to $30, $120, and $500 respectively; for Hawaii and Alaska area, the shipping and handling charges are $10.95, $13.95, $19.20, & $36.40 for purchasing amount totalling up to $30, $50, $120, & $500 respectively. These rates may change without notification due to postage rate changes by the post office or other reasons. Please check the shipping rates before the completion of your order.

No sales tax will be applied to tea leaf products; a New York State local sales tax charge will be applied to all non tea leaf products ( such as tea pot, cup, and/or tea accessories ) shipping to locations within New York State. For shipping locations outside New York State, no sales tax will be applied according to the current laws and regulations. Our Start Kit that contains both tea leaf products and tea accessories will be charged a New York State local sales tax on its total amount for New York State residents.

Please check with USPS for Priority Mail shipping details. Usually it takes less than 7 to 14 business days. We accept order payment by Visa/Mastercard creditcard for orders shipping to North America Continent, Hawaii, and Alaska area. Hawaii and Alaska may require longer shipping time. If you have any problem with the shipped order, please contact us via email. If you are international clients, we only accept order payment via electronic wiring (per our instruction) or money order by mail (, 295 Princeton Hightstown Road, P.O.Box 11-198, West Windsor, NJ 08550). Upon the receipt of your payment, we will ship out international order(s). Please contact us via email for detailed ordering instructions before purchasing.