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Green Jasmine Products

Green Jasmine Products

Jasmine Pearl Green

Jasmine Pearl Green Green Tea Strong in aroma and light in tea, and with most of the characters Pearl Green has, Jasmine Pearl Green riches the young tea leaf tips with bold jasmine flavor and the “pearl” size is bigger than Pearl Green, like “dragon pearl”. The tightly rolled “tea pearl” eases the westerners’ fear to drink the authentic loose green tea leaves. It also differs traditional Jasmine by its high quality tea leave and the reservation of the natural green.

Green Jasmine

Jasmine Q

Jasmine Q Green Tea Hand-embroidered and rich in jasmine flavored young green tea leaf buds to be knitted into a globe-shaped tea ball with red rose in the center, this new creation has the quality of arts & crafts. Strong in combined aroma from jasmine and rose. And light in tea, with a much bigger size than Jasmine Pearl Green, it eliminates the westerners’ fear. Which embarrassment to drink the authentic loose green tea leaves. One piece Jesmine Q can be brewed and served up to 5 times.

Green Jasmine 2


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