Differentiating Fake and Real YouTube Views

The need for organizations and individuals to have their YouTube content go viral and rank highly on YouTube has seen been the force behind the growing menace of fake YouTube views. A few years back, YouTube organization drove a massive campaign that saw close to two billion views removed from channels that were suspected to be using fake views. Surprisingly, even well-established big organizations were caught up in this saga that ended even in closure of some YouTube channels that seemed notorious. Any investor out there who understands the power in social media marketing will tell you the essence of maintaining a good relation with YouTube to avoid being cut out from this yet to be fully tapped marketing potential that YouTube holds. So, how do you recognize real YouTube views from fake ones? Below is a breakdown of indicators that a person intending to buy YouTube views can use to differentiate real views from fake ones.

Suspiciously low amount of dislikes

A video that attracts a large number of likes would obviously attract substantial number of dislikes as well. For instance, a video that has a million views would most likely have approximately two hundred thousand dislikes, this will sound logic. However, fake bot generated likes will have ridiculously small number of dislikes which by all means is impossible. We all know that even the most popular posts will have people clicking the thumbs-down button. So this should obviously act as an indicator that the likes are actually fake. With the ever increasing number of YouTube views sellers, it can be hard to recognize a legit vender. The best way to avoid being scammed is looking for reviews or asking around from friends or trusted business associates who can vouch for them.

Relatively low number of subscribers

Let’s say for instance a channel is getting hundreds of thousands or even millions of views but the subscribers are just about two or three thousand. The mathematics here does not make sense by all means and that indicates that the views are fake. Such kind of channel portrays a negative picture to authentic viewers and losses its credibility in the products that it promotes. However, there are vendors who are genuine and will provide you with real YouTube views that will help your channel rank high. When you buy YouTube views that are of high quality, you will be able to generated reasonable subscribers who will be proportional to the number of views. This is because the purchased views are real.

A channel with unrealistic likes compared to the views

A channel that has cheaply acquired fake views will have unrealistically small number of likes. We all have watched a video on YouTube that we feel is really cool. Although, we don’t click the like button on all the videos that we watch we sometimes do click on those ones that we feel are good enough and deserve our like. So finding a video with a million views and ten thousand likes is quite abnormal. Always buy YouTube views that are real and genuine enough to attract an engagement that will generate not only likes but comments, shares, ad revenue and more. Essentially, these are the primary reason why a channel owner will opt to buy YouTube views and you can sure get them when you acquire high quality real viewers.

The Channel has very Few Comments

It is definitely almost impossible to fake comments since they require different content and the posting should be of different timelines spread across several weeks or months. However, the vendors of the cheap views are clever and they know how to drive an instant number of spam comments which if you take a closer look you will notice that the comments do not really make sense at all. Either they don’t relate to the topic sentence of the video or the comments are all positive and very short.

Once you can identify the traits of scammers like the ones discussed above, you probably won’t be easily swindled of your hard earned cash and risk your channel being red flagged by YouTube. So if you want to buy YouTube views that are real and that will improve your channel’s popularity but you are afraid of being scammed, then here are ways to help you recognize a genuine vendor.

Reliability of the Vendor

Before you buy the YouTube views, you need to find the reliability and trustworthiness of the service provider. Understand that scammers would not hold up a sign that says they are scammers. Therefore, before approaching any vendor, conduct a quick research by yourself. You can find a lot of good information about the various service providers. Their websites layout and the description of the services offered can tell a lot about the vendor. People who are out there to scam buyers will use a lot of sell out promotional language always basing their argument on money, and obviously promising the cheapest service compared to a genuine service provider. Also don’t forget to check the review section where people who have previously transacted with a certain service provider express their opinion about the services they received. This can help you vet the different service providers to determine the genuine one.

Customer Service Offered

A genuine service provider will offer before and after sale services to their customers. This is to ensure that their customers are comfortable with the package they have bought and can see the value of their money in it. However, cons will desert you once you buy the views from them which are obviously a time- boom that will explode shortly after and might disappoint all your achievements. Be careful who you buy YouTube views from to ensure you don’t get frustrated by people who are out to make a kill and don’t care about you or your brand that you are out to promote.

The Guarantee Terms Offered

Any credible YouTube views seller will definitely offer some sort of guarantee to their client. It’s one way of maintaining a good relationship that may result in more future sales or referrals which is also a very good marketing tool. Buy YouTube views from a vendor who is willing to commit himself that in case of a mishap, they are ready to take responsibility and rectify the mistake.

The Price

A genuine YouTube vendor will charge a reasonable price, not too expensive and also not unreasonably cheap. Any vendor who tells you to buy YouTube views at a cost that is way below the average cost charged by the other vendors is probably not selling genuine views. Quality is always expensive. So be ready to invest so that you can expect good returns.

Achieving a better visibility on YouTube is not easy. New uploads are being made every day hence requiring you to apply different marketing strategy, one being to buy YouTube views. This will help enhance your YouTube channel visibility which is important if you want to remain relevant on YouTube. Resorting to purchase high quality views will enable you achieve your goals within a short time. The only requirement is for you to be careful when buying the views to avoid the many cons on the internet purporting to offer the services.