Latest Massage Chair Technologies you Need to Know

As much as modernity has eased life, it has also taken a toll on our lives causing significant body strains. Whether one is working in the corporate world or just running house chores, there is always so much that needs to be done in a very limited time. Such strains have caused increase in levels of stress, anxiety, and tension all of which if not handled in in time can lead to severe medical conditions.

A surprising report by the World Health Organization (WHO) indicates that stress will be number two in the order of disability causing complications by 2030. This will cause reduction in productivity in work places as well as at home and increased pressure on health care providers. To avoid this, a significant number of individual are taking a closer look at the massage chair market due to their abilities to zero stress levels in the most natural manner.


A while ago, massage chairs had very basic operations. They were difficult to use and often sitting in them felt like one is riding a rickety train. However, recent models have been designed to become more efficient and user friendly. There is basically a design for everyone be it a taller person, pregnant woman, aged people, and even kids.

Here is a remarkable assortment of the latest development in the massage chair technologies.


Body scanners


This massage chair technology was conceptualized to help alleviate the back of any strain. This feature allows the massage chair to scan the back of the user and take measurements so as to customize the massage roller. The scanners are meant to help the chair adjust to the various body contours of any user. This is essential considering that the back is prone to fatigue more than other body parts.


Air bag technology

Most of the latest massage chair designs come fitted with tiny air bags all over the chair, which are essential in massaging specific part of the back. The air bags also help bring in the human hand feeling in the massage. The tiny air bags also help the body’s blood circulation, which apart from the relaxed feeling that it brings helps the body to detoxify.


Heating technology


The inception of heating technology is the game changer in the massage chair technology. The heat here is a complete replica of that used in spa massages. However, the advantage here is that you can override the machine’s command and target specific areas of the body that the user feels need an extra attention. Heat technology is popular for its body toxins removal capabilities that help the skin rejuvenate by removing the dead skin hence giving the user a smooth looking skin.


Zero gravity technology


This is probably the latest most exiting innovation in massage chair technology. The feature works by scanning the body of the user and adjusting the massage chair appropriately. The position adjusted to makes the user feel as if they are floating in the air. Most massage chairs are including this feature, which is awesome in helping the user regain body posture.

Audio visuals


Most massage chairs come with in built audiovisual technologies that help the user choose what they want to listen to or watch while sited in the massage chair. This helps to enhance the relaxation feeling that the user derives from the use of the massage chair.


Roller technology


This is one of the features that was missing in older massage chair designs. The feature allows the user to target specific body parts including the arms, which was not possible with previous designs.


Variable speed

The variable massage invention gives room for adjusting how fast or slow the rollers are moving or any other movement in the chair. The ability to control this movement makes the massage comfortable and not feels like one is riding a worn out motorcycle. Inarguably a good massage chair should definitely give room to remote control so that you don’t have to move every now and then when you want to make adjustments.


In conclusion


Massage chairs have come a long way since their introduction in the market. You can now get a massage chair that is incorporating most of the above features such that it will serve almost every massage need for you and your family members. Further improvements are being made and we’ll sure continue updating the list as new inventions and innovations knock in.

Massage Chair being in the knowhow

Today’s society comes with a lot of challenges not only to the young but to the old too.  A number of people are grappling with lifestyle diseases that were unheard of many years ago.   As if this is not really enough, young and old too are still faced with having to meet their day to day challenges.  These put together can add to stress levels in anyone individual.  How does one therefore relax at the end of the day?  There are many ways people can relax, but the above takes a toll on the body and the best therapy anyone can give a tired worn out body at the end of the day is a relaxation in an easy and comfortable massage chair.

Some of the benefits that you can give your tired body using the chair include alleviation of stress, relaxation and loosening of sore muscles, improving the flow of blood, alleviation of unnecessary headaches and back pain just to name a few.  The list is in fact endless.  This is not just hearsay but has been proved by the medical fraternity and in available researches all across the board.   Have you ever wondered why health facilities lead in the number of these chairs?

But buyers of massage chair of any kind should also take great care where they make their purchase.   It is common knowledge that the chairs are therapeutic and because of that there has been a lot of craze amongst manufacturers to sell into the market.  Some of these are refurbished while others are brand new.  How does one know what to look for when the market is over flooded with such products?  Below are facts worth considering avoiding being taken for a ride and not loose your hard earned finances.  It is important to do your research to avoid the same.

Firstly, look for reputable companies who have been in the market long enough and have been able to build a reputation.   This is not to say that you should not buy from companies that are breaking through the market.  Knowing a reputation of a producer allows you as a buyer to have complete control.  In case of a problem, have a company you easily can identify with and have your product repaired.  Secondly, the issue of safety should be considered greatly.  How safe is the product in question?   Remember that for you to have a peace of mind safety must be ensured.

Thirdly and most importantly does the massage chair come with money back warranty?  When making queries regarding a product as a potential buyer, these are some of the issues that you should address.  The chairs don’t come cheap.  Investing in a product of this magnitude should therefore give you as the potential owner a reason to want to know the reputation of a particular company.  Currently, the market is a wash with numerous products from different companies both big and small but what reputation do you have about them as a buyer.  Seek reviews from friends and family who have dealt with them.

Despite the above, there are still incredible products in the market that can be used by literally everyone around the house.  A chair in essence should be 100% or so safe.  The issue of security cannot therefore be taken lightly.  A chair uses electricity and anything that uses electricity should provide safety to all users despite their varied age groups.  The issue of security when it comes to using a chair should not be underrated at any given cost.  A chair is not anything you would wish to discard at the end of every given year and have it replaced.

Finally, before making your massage chair purchase know what you are looking for.  Most chairs in the market provide between 5 to 8 or so intensity levels.  Ensure that you understand intensity levels by discussing the same with the company representative.  If you are in a position to do so, test the chair in question.  You should also remember to take into consideration members of your household who will be using the chair.  It should be easy to use by any one not forgetting to have an adult around in an event a child uses the chair at any given time.  It is a relaxation chair for all around the home.