Busting the Myth on Automatic Favorite

We are living in a digital world where almost everything is conducted on the digital space. Social media platforms have become very great components of this digital space. We are living in a world where everything has been moved to the socialmedia platforms. It is where people communicate, it is where people interact, it is where people network, it is where people do business, it I where people spread news and so on and so forth. The marketers that are available in the world today have come to understand the very critical role that is played by social media platforms in the world today.  Any marketer who does not work to ensure that they have a very strong online presence will mostly find themselves missing out on a lot of growth opportunities.

Available on social media today are a large number of features that have been known to be extremely good at enhancing the marketing efforts put forth on the social media platforms. One such feature is the automatic favorite. The one thing that is important in any social media marketing campaign is visibility. Each and every market on social media is usually looking to get visibility. Visibility usually occurs when one has a lot of activity taking place on their pages and their profiles.  It takes time and effort to build this visibility but one can be sure that once they get it, they will be well on their way to achieving success with their social media campaign.

Due to the demand for this visibility and the time and effort that is taken to build them, solutions have been created that assist the marketers to get the visibility within a shorter time period.  One such solution is the automatic favorite. With this kind of solution, one gets the favorites, likes, tweets, etc.automatically transmitted to their pages in large numbers. The service is usually paid for and has been known to be very effective at ensuring that marketers get that visibility and attention that they are looking for on the social media platforms.

One myth that is usually propagated about the automatic favorite is that it will give you instant and immediate success in your marketing campaign. This is not true at all. It is true that the automatic favorite will work well to get you the visibility that you need but you will still be required to put in some time and effort. The service only works well to draw people’s attention towards you. It works well to make sure that people know of your existence on the social media platform and the fact that you have something good to offer. This will attract the people to you. Once the people have been attracted to you, you will need to put in the required time and effort to retain their attention. This simply means that you will need to continually engage them and continuously and consistently give them good content that will keep them entertained. Otherwise, all that visibility that the favorites will bring you will be lost within a very short time.

Favoriting a tweet on twitter has two obvious reasons; to bookmark a tweet that a user wants to revisit later and show other users that you have seen their content. But there are other reasons not so obvious as to why twitter users favorite tweets. Here are 4 reasons that you may not have thought of as to why your fans might be favoriting your tweets.

Favorite back fave

This is a rising trend where among the twitter users that is helping increase engagement rate on twitter. Then they would favorite your tweets in the hope that you will return the favor and favorite them back. This is a bold move and many twitter users who are looking to build a sizeable following are incorporating this strategy and guess what! It’s really working.


If a statistic was to be conducted today, you will be surprised how many twitter users with a following you can only envy for stated this way and are now trendsetters on twitter. This trend cuts across from celebrities, businesses, politicians, influencers to artists.


Hate fave

This is another trend on the rise in the circles of twitter community whereby someone would hate- favorite content or a story they don’t like and draw it to a garbage collection. It’s a rather rude move but yes, it’s happening.

It’s a way of displaying aggressiveness and saying that they have seen your tweet but won’t take their time to dignify it with a reply. Hate fave has always raised heated debates where those aggrieved say that if someone doesn’t like some content, it would just be prudent to scroll down the content instead of taking their time to open a folder and garbage that particular content.


Content grazing fave


Twitter users favorite interesting tweets in the hope of scraping it and reposting it as theirs. Some people find this amusing while others find it completely offensive. Either way, it’s an unethical as these people steal the limelight from those who deserve it by the virtue of claiming authenticity.

Despite twitters strict nature, they haven’t been able to device a way of catching up with content scraping and stomp it out.

Can’t reply right away fave

A big percentage of the favorites are done by people who see tweets that are interesting to them due to one reason or another can’t reply at that particular moment. So they favorite the tweet and reply when they have the time.

It’s a way of showing those who sent the tweet that you saw the tweet or you are paying attention but won’t reply at that particular moment.


The intention behind favoring a tweet differs from one user to another. However, to businesses and brands and of cause anyone on twitter who is keen on increasing the level of engagement, understanding these traits is important. Either way, you can make use of automatic favorites if your target is to get noticed by twitter and raise the rank of your account in the twitter algorithms.