Educating on Instagram and Automatic Likes

Instagram is not merely designed for photo and video sharing purposes. To every post of video and image, what’s more important is the story behind it and how this could inform or educate us regarding the topic it hopes to impart. This is the most preferred part of IG, users are given the chance to get a glimpse into the daily lives of other users they meet- preferably those who live in entirely distinct cultures than we do.

Instagram also has a way of educating on shared humanity. Users around the globe discover that they aren’t really quite different from the rest of the world; people can unveil more how alike we all are in this planet- all these are explored through the aid of the advanced world of various social media networking apps like Instagram.

In addition, people across the world celebrate various events and occasions, cherish loved ones and pets, appreciate all the things around us, food, travel and all other things that make life so worthwhile. People love taking photos of the places they visit and there are lots of opportunities that await and fascinate us.

On the other hand, Instagram is not only for the good things that we see and enjoy around us. It can also be used to educate and spread to people globally the current happenings; good or bad around us. In other words, people can be educated with various advocacies, discuss issues that need to be solved and some touching real-life stories to get inspirations from. For a fact, topics like these get the more number of automatic likes.

Obviously, many issues have been solved because others have posted this to social media. The attention of authorities is instantly called whenever the case or story of a victim was shared by countless of netizens. It is like when more people talk about it and show their support with a certain issue or story, this becomes easily solved. This is a clear manifestation of educating people about shared humanity.  

More than that, once social media is used on a worthwhile means, this becomes especially beneficial to all. Rather than discussing topics that are intriguing and could only result to chaos and nonsense debates, educating people with noteworthy feeds should be a top priority. Needless to say, it would be a lot easier and moving to share things that come with positivity and good purpose rather than spreading rumors or useless news that would only divide people.

Inspiring and moving topics on Instagram absolutely acquire the most number of automatic likes. With high stress level in daily lives, people these days opt for positive and motivating stories rather than read and deal with more depressing issues and discussions. While there is nothing wrong to discuss negative topics at times, still it is best to focus on the positive to make everyone happier.

In a nutshell, Instagram is a perfect site where you can educate people with shared humanity and other moving topics that could make life a lot better! So, use it not only aesthetically but wisely.

Applying Filters and Editing Your IG Posts to Gain Automatic Likes

Beyond shadow of a doubt, Instagram has gone so far since its emergence when it comes to posting options. In the year 2010 when it was initially launched, IG users could merely post images by means of the app and from there add filters without other additional features that make a great “edit.”

At present, Instagram users could post from existing videos or images or post directly with the aid of the app on their device. At the same time, it is possible to post both videos and images – short-length or lengthy ones. Not only that, IG users are even provided with a number of useful filter options wherein they could edit at once and be able to tweak adjust some posts.

As you click the center IG posting tab, you could choose the video or camera button to enable the app discern whether you prefer to post a video or images. Capture it by means of the app, or click the video or image preview box in order to stop the formerly captured one.

What other edit filters or features can you enjoy in using Instagram?

IG has a number of filters that users can select from in order for them to implement these to both images and videos. Of course, you absolutely wish to edit your images and videos properly to increase the likelihood of acquiring more automatic likes. Through simply clicking the button “Edit”, located at underneath the photo editor, users could carry out the editing effects that enable them to effectively edit structure, contrast, brightness and some other adjustments they prefer.

However, if you wish to edit your videos, all you need to do is to trim them and choose a cover frame of your preference. In addition, if you hope to edit your video or photo within the IG app, you will be required to click the wrench button and from there pick a feature that is available on the menu underneath it.  You may also do some adjustments on sharpness, contrast, highlights, tilt shift, warmth, shadows, saturation and vignette aspects.

Not to mention, with professionally-edited photos and videos, other Instagram users will find your posts quite impressive, as a result, they will more likely to hit the automatic like button. On your part, this will be a big help particularly if you are a brand or a company that try to reach millions of users and convert them to loyal customers.

It is all thanks to the very advanced features of various social media platforms these days; individuals, organizations, brands, non-profit sectors and other users can carry out whatever  purpose they may have in using a specific social networking app. Making your brand known or spreading your advocacy is no longer a pain in the neck.

With the help of special editing features as well, you can possibly come up with high quality and well-crafted images and videos that could easily impress your target audiences. Attractive snapshots and videos are great way to convey the message you wish to circulate.