Probable Reasons Why You Get Minimum Number of Twitter Likes

Twitter as a social media networking app is all about engagement. This is the reason why it comes with restrictions in terms of it usage. Many a time, users are restricted when it comes with the depth as well as the length of the content they want and decide to share with other Twitter users.

That said, it appears that Twitter focuses on shares, comments and likes that its users obtain from their audiences. In addition, if you are not attaining many of those, then this might mean you aren’t capable of making good use of the platform. Basically, there are a lot of diverse rationales why may not be receiving the Twitter likes that you badly require, but these commonly boil down to the following factors:

         Excessive Mentions and Hashtags

While mentions and hashtags can effectively lure other Twitter users to notice your post, the recommended hashtag to be used on this network is not more than two keywords per tweet- this is actually deemed as the most outstanding practice; however, it is possible to use more than that but you should know when you are already overdoing it. Only you can tell if you are already adding excessive hashtags and mentions – so keep an eye on this matter.

         Not Paying Attention to Comments

Needless to say, engagement on a social platform is not a mere single-way form of interaction, as much as it appears like it. This implies that when a user likes what you shared on your page, then this means that they are clearly expressing interest in it. So, as you can see, there’s not a positive way to reply to that. Nevertheless, when a user shares your content, you could step in and express your gratitude for the share by means of a comment.

Take note that this solely works on a few social media platforms, though. On Twitter, one of the most highly regarded form of interaction to which you are required to respond is providing a comment on the post.

         Tweeting the Wrong Subjects

To boot, there are some content rules that users need to seriously adhere to on Twitter. Such prohibitions may include hate speech, violent imagery, porn images and contents and many more. While these are the things that you need to avoid posting on your page, other than these, you should also stay away from sharing topics that you think and feel aren’t relevant in today’s mood.

For instance, mundane topics commonly irk Twitter users. So, other than these kinds of subjects, you have to explore more on the things that people are engrossed in and the things that people don’t care about.


Many a time, users don’t get the most number ofTwitter likes simply because the topic that they post or share does not even lure the attention of other users out there. Try to be upbeat and unique at the same time.

Now that you learned about a few of the probable reasons why people don’t like your posts on Twitter, research about the potential techniques you need to explore to increase your likes and engagement in any social media network.


The Effectiveness of Twitter Likes as Marketing Tool

The latest technology has enabled brands to connect and reach out with clients in more distinguished methods than ever before. In addition, the periods of wholly product-based marketing are no longer prevailing- at present; it is all about establishing a relationship with your viewers.

Basically, unlike a radio spot or print advertisement, social media marketing enables the viewers to respond and interact with your brand or company instantly through comments or feedbacks. Indeed, nobody anticipates you to respond to every single comment; nevertheless, a few well-thought-of responses could make a world of distinction.

Essentially, they transmit a message that your firm is approachable, social and sincerely cares about its viewers. By happy chance, it merely takes a few seconds to express your gratitude or respond to a commenter’s query, but to the commenter that tiny gesture could make a great difference in the manner they perceive your brand.

More likely, people are more apt to be loyal to your firm if they could think of you as a buddy, not an aggressive salesman who is always delivering ads door-to-door right on their faces.

On the other hand, re-posting is another renowned approach of social media relationship marketing that makes clients feel like a valuable part of your company. Through simply employing a few free apps, you could easily deliver and suitably credit pictures captured by clients who have posted images of themselves using your brand.  Obviously, this will pave way for getting countless of Twitter likes and at the same time make your brand recognized and patronized.

In reality, showing your product being utilized or consumed by actual clients links with people much more robustly as compared to a simple picture of the item. As you know, client interaction and engagement is a causal sequence which means people are more apt to engross with your brand if they see others doing the same, hence, it is crucial to flaunt instinctive instances of interaction as well as engagement whenever possible.

It is interesting to know that social media is going out huge for diverse rationales be it meeting people, advertising or pushing ideas and concepts to a broader market. Furthermore, with various operating systems at your disposal in the market, there are also distinct apps to fit the various operating platforms. Users on twitter are seeking to obtain more Twitter likes and followers with the posts and content they share to the public.

In like manner, even with fascinating photos, you might require some assistance. Virtually, mobile apps are to date obtaining more recognition in helping acquire more likes and followers. So, if you are using iPhone, the available apps on your iTunes app store are within reach. These are quite functional and do not need massive effort as compared to exerting all the effort in as an individual user.

With lots of available information on the web today, you have no reason to still be left behind with the opportunities that social media platforms offer to marketers. They are without a doubt great marketing tools to incorporate in your brand.