Your life with solitaire

Can life be ruined by a simple computer or deck cards game? I know this is what you are asking yourself now as you read this piece. A game starts just innocently without any intentions of playing it continuously. There is this day that comes in after working a whole week and now you are so tired sited in your office and all you are wishing for is that your clock ticking could tick faster and you don’t even know what you want to do when the time is up. You wish for a dinner time, but you feel like it’s going to be the same anyway. Then you start going in and out of your mind trying to come up with something new, something different, at least to help you keep the time moving and stop feeling like it’s not at all. Have you ever been in a situation that you feel like the day is taking too long before it ends? Yea, this is what your feeling now and you start maneuvering a desktop machine in your office and there is this game that it’s like it’s in every desktop you came across. The spider solitaire. And then the world of solitaire starts to spin in your mind. You remember your colleague had told you about the classic solitaire and now the spider? Now to combat the sensation of a stopped clock of your daily living, you open the game and start. Yea, this is where it all begins now.

Your uncle, his friend and your friend, loved spider solitaire a lot and could never quit without a win. You start speaking to yourself. You remember your friend telling you that the spider solitaire is a game for neophytes and challenging than other free solitaire games available on the web. Nevertheless, you get into it to feel what they were experiencing.

You wish to meet them the next day and tell them how you have won six, seven times in a row. You even call them and now you feel the world is at least in motion. You go play the next game, you lose. What? How can I? where is this trick? You obviously forget you are a first time player and you have not fully invested in the game. Your uncle is now your icon and you know very well he was never trounced by any tricky card game, not the spider solitaire. And now, the cards are playing the game on you, making you feel like you are a loser. Maybe I was distracted, otherwise I would have won this game. You say this to yourself. You go back to your game and play again. You lose. Seriously? How can this be happening? And now your uncle’s psychic pride is slowly turning to a disappointment. Never had to surrender or stoop low and live the game at the middle without a win, you go back to now your smart phone to play your now favorite game. With lots of determination of a winner, you conquer the spider solitaire. See I never lose, there is nothing I can’t do, how can I lose such a game and just walk out. Speaking to yourself again.

Another long working day comes in. and now you are ending home feeling so refreshed because you remember you have a game to play. Instead of speaking to your chauffeur, asking how the day has been, what’s new, you open your tablet and begin another game. Your chauffeur asks you something, you can’t answer, your mind is on the game and you don’t want any destructions. You meet a friend on the road and give a ride, hi! He says, hi! You say and that’s all. Whenever he speaks to you, you are just busy speaking to your phone. Isn’t this rude? I mean a friend wants a chat and it’s like you are ignoring him. You go assuming that this is your friend and he understands you, my friend, if I were him? I will never accept your ride ever. You win the game once more and you are like, Yes!! See, I said it. speaking to yourself again? Are you running mad or something?

You arrive home safe; the chauffeur parks the car. You get to your house as usual, give normal greetings to the wife, kinds and others, prepare yourself and sit on your bench. It’s now 7:00pm, you have been playing solitaire at work, on your way home and now in your house, you start it. You have no time for your family. Maybe the wife is not into solitaire, neither the kinds, nor anyone else in your house and now you are in that same game, and doesn’t care what they think of your obsession and changed behavior. You think everyone around you is okay, but you are slowly boring them.

You continue enjoying the world of solitaire, you play now and then, nonstop, no weekends, no more time with friends and family and without realizing it, you are out of control. You find yourself playing solitaire even without any device or cards. You are now obsessed and you are playing it in your mind. The game is just on, it never ends. The cards are flipping over your head, you organize them and even win the game. And right now things are getting tougher, you are no longer in control. As a matter of fact, spider solitaire is now controlling your life.

You now find people staying away from you and realize that you are now all alone in your own world with the solitaire games. You now find yourself weighing the pros and cons of your obsession and you realize time is really gone and can never be recovered. In the circumstance you are in now, who should you blame? You or the spider solitaire game? Think about this before you get into any computer game. It can ruin your normal way of life.