Online Slots – Why You Should Avoid Playing Online Slots in Real Casinos

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Online Slots – Why You Should Avoid Playing Online Slots in Real Casinos

Is online slots gaming worth the time and effort for you? The short answer is yes, but before get into that let’s point out the elephant in the room: Online Slots and Online Slot Machines Are Basically The Same. You can’t have one without the other. Here’s why.

When you play online slots, all you’re doing is spinning a wheel to spin a jackpot. The basic mechanics of the game are similar no matter where you visit the casino or what device you play on. When you play online, however, the jackpot is awarded when you hit the correct number of spins on the wheel. That’s where the similarity ends.

Now let’s talk about some differences. In a live casino, jackpots can be won by hitting random selections. That’s why slots in a live casino are called “probationary” machines because they give the best results only if you hit at least one of their numbers. With online slots, however, the odds are the same.

In fact, online slots differ from their offline counterparts in several ways. For starters, online slots use what’s called random number generators (RNG). These are embedded computer programs that generate numbers for every spin of the reels. They are designed to produce results that will generally fall within a specific range. If you hit a number that falls within that range, you’ve won. Now this doesn’t mean, however, that your odds of winning online slots are any better than those at a casino or any other location.

The real difference between online slots and offline slot machines comes from how the reels are set up. In live casinos, the reels are fixed up inside the building and plugged into electrical outlets. Because the casino is closed when the slots are not running, it’s impossible for the software to “guess” how many “spins” there might be and so the slot machines determine the number of “reels” that will result in one outcome.

On the other hand, online slots use what’s called an approximation. This means that the random number generator (RNG) used does not truly follow any random number distribution. What happens is that as the player plays on online slots, he or she won’t know which spins will result in which outcome until the game has started and the reels have been spinning for some time. But since no actual random number generator is being used, the probabilities of different outcomes increase dramatically. As a result, while playing online slots, you have the opportunity to alter the odds significantly based on how you feel. That means that, unlike in a physical casino where you cannot easily change the outcome of one of the pins, you can easily and quickly change your online slots playing strategy mid-game.