Probable Reasons Why You Get Minimum Number of Twitter Likes


Twitter as a social media networking app is all about engagement. This is the reason why it comes with restrictions in terms of it usage. Many a time, users are restricted when it comes with the depth as well as the length of the content they want and decide to share with other Twitter users.

That said, it appears that Twitter focuses on shares, comments and likes that its users obtain from their audiences. In addition, if you are not attaining many of those, then this might mean you aren’t capable of making good use of the platform. Basically, there are a lot of diverse rationales why may not be receiving the Twitter likes that you badly require, but these commonly boil down to the following factors:

         Excessive Mentions and Hashtags

While mentions and hashtags can effectively lure other Twitter users to notice your post, the recommended hashtag to be used on this network is not more than two keywords per tweet- this is actually deemed as the most outstanding practice; however, it is possible to use more than that but you should know when you are already overdoing it. Only you can tell if you are already adding excessive hashtags and mentions – so keep an eye on this matter.

         Not Paying Attention to Comments

Needless to say, engagement on a social platform is not a mere single-way form of interaction, as much as it appears like it. This implies that when a user likes what you shared on your page, then this means that they are clearly expressing interest in it. So, as you can see, there’s not a positive way to reply to that. Nevertheless, when a user shares your content, you could step in and express your gratitude for the share by means of a comment.

Take note that this solely works on a few social media platforms, though. On Twitter, one of the most highly regarded form of interaction to which you are required to respond is providing a comment on the post.

         Tweeting the Wrong Subjects

To boot, there are some content rules that users need to seriously adhere to on Twitter. Such prohibitions may include hate speech, violent imagery, porn images and contents and many more. While these are the things that you need to avoid posting on your page, other than these, you should also stay away from sharing topics that you think and feel aren’t relevant in today’s mood.

For instance, mundane topics commonly irk Twitter users. So, other than these kinds of subjects, you have to explore more on the things that people are engrossed in and the things that people don’t care about.


Many a time, users don’t get the most number ofTwitter likes simply because the topic that they post or share does not even lure the attention of other users out there. Try to be upbeat and unique at the same time.

Now that you learned about a few of the probable reasons why people don’t like your posts on Twitter, research about the potential techniques you need to explore to increase your likes and engagement in any social media network.


The Effectiveness of Twitter Likes as Marketing Tool

The latest technology has enabled brands to connect and reach out with clients in more distinguished methods than ever before. In addition, the periods of wholly product-based marketing are no longer prevailing- at present; it is all about establishing a relationship with your viewers.

Basically, unlike a radio spot or print advertisement, social media marketing enables the viewers to respond and interact with your brand or company instantly through comments or feedbacks. Indeed, nobody anticipates you to respond to every single comment; nevertheless, a few well-thought-of responses could make a world of distinction.

Essentially, they transmit a message that your firm is approachable, social and sincerely cares about its viewers. By happy chance, it merely takes a few seconds to express your gratitude or respond to a commenter’s query, but to the commenter that tiny gesture could make a great difference in the manner they perceive your brand.

More likely, people are more apt to be loyal to your firm if they could think of you as a buddy, not an aggressive salesman who is always delivering ads door-to-door right on their faces.

On the other hand, re-posting is another renowned approach of social media relationship marketing that makes clients feel like a valuable part of your company. Through simply employing a few free apps, you could easily deliver and suitably credit pictures captured by clients who have posted images of themselves using your brand.  Obviously, this will pave way for getting countless of Twitter likes and at the same time make your brand recognized and patronized.

In reality, showing your product being utilized or consumed by actual clients links with people much more robustly as compared to a simple picture of the item. As you know, client interaction and engagement is a causal sequence which means people are more apt to engross with your brand if they see others doing the same, hence, it is crucial to flaunt instinctive instances of interaction as well as engagement whenever possible.

It is interesting to know that social media is going out huge for diverse rationales be it meeting people, advertising or pushing ideas and concepts to a broader market. Furthermore, with various operating systems at your disposal in the market, there are also distinct apps to fit the various operating platforms. Users on twitter are seeking to obtain more Twitter likes and followers with the posts and content they share to the public.

In like manner, even with fascinating photos, you might require some assistance. Virtually, mobile apps are to date obtaining more recognition in helping acquire more likes and followers. So, if you are using iPhone, the available apps on your iTunes app store are within reach. These are quite functional and do not need massive effort as compared to exerting all the effort in as an individual user.

With lots of available information on the web today, you have no reason to still be left behind with the opportunities that social media platforms offer to marketers. They are without a doubt great marketing tools to incorporate in your brand.

Twitter Polls and Public Opinion


If you took a public viewpoint regarding Twitter polls, there is a probability that a majority would provide a few objectionable opinions of pollsters and the uses to which their work is placed. Indeed, there are a lot of possible respondents who may plainly put down their phones.

Yet if you asked whether journalists, influencers, renowned entrepreneurs or politicians should be attentive to the voices of the public, nearly everyone would utter yes. Further, if you then asked whether polls are, partly, a single tool by which the wished of the public could be ascertained, an unenthusiastic majority would perhaps utter yes to that as well.

A lot of riddles of public viewpoint polling are clasped in this debatable tale. People of different walks of life, ordinary individuals, activists alike, consistently specify polls, particularly those that uncover them in the majority.  However, people are profoundly dubious of polls, specifically when viewpoint shifts in the misguided direction.

Over and above, some of their skepticisms are about the methods of pollsters. Do they ask the appropriate queries? Are they wielding the wording of queries to obtain the answers they prefer? And whom did they interview? In truth, some of the skepticisms are polished off in an uncertainty of the marketers, political parties as well as the media giants who spend lavishly for the polls.

The hypothetical example discloses that it is essential for pollsters to highly regard the manner they pose queries. At times, respondents provide viewpoints on topics that they don’t have much insight about or do not care at all. Moreover, there are instances when people respond to pollster’s queries just to be courteous- since they think they perhaps ought to have a viewpoint. This provides pollsters a number of running room to create opinion, particularly on narrow concerns rather than extensive matters.

Even when social media users have strong opinions, one polling query barely captivates those viewpoints well. People are complex beings and so are their perspectives. Using the outcomes of our example, attackers of polls could stimulate public skepticism to validate that the public is against polls.

On the other hand, sidekicks of Twitter polls could note that the public; however reluctantly, recognizes that polls are effective tool for measuring public viewpoint and that leaders must turn to public perspective. They could hence validate that the public adopts polls. Both ways of observing the results would utilize reality to alter reality.

On several concerns, the public doesn’t have completely shaped and explicit opinions. Keep in mind that this does not imply that there is anything awry with the public. It is worth mentioning that citizens are commonly more uptight with some issues than others in a democracy, and most citizens are not repeatedly engrossed in public affairs.

Specific enigmatic queries of public policy, while substantial, will not engross a mass public. In the same way, polling doesn’t deal with these fundamental realities of democratic life are forming something other than actual data. It is imperative to be certain of the quality of information you see.

Top Political Figures on Twitter Polls

Twitter is one of the hefty social media platforms on the web that covers a broad range of topics that are shared by a good deal of Twitter users from all around the globe. Politicians, famous celebrities and even ordinary individuals talk about different matters in a single thread, hence shading the lines that would have prevailed in the so-called real world.

More than that, the topics that are discussed might be casual or something that contains serious concerns that extend to other locations of the planet. When using Twitter, it is crucial to keep track of the topics you are most engrossed in. luckily, Twitter polls significantly help you execute that.

There are various questions being posed on Twitter Polls and one of the most considered interesting and luring topics is none other than the most tweeted political figures.

Over and above, it will be literally no amazement to anyone that the now US leader Donald trump surmounts this list. His polarizing charisma and policy method has both his opponents as well as supporters constantly engrossing – if nothing else, the President has absolutely revived more political alertness across the scope.

The other political figures that also topped the list include former US President Obama, followed by Hillary Clinton, Brett Kavanaugh, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz, John McCain, Nancy Pelosi and last but not the least Mike Pence.

It is not surprising why the mentioned political figures above have topped the list of the most tweeted and chosen topic on various Twitter apps or features. As what we all commonly know, they are very important people that most social media users are dying to hear from. They are world leaders who are known for their prowess, unique personalities, and people are also quite inquisitive of their private or personal lives.

Obviously, famous personalities are the ones that are often talked about. Whether the news is good or bad, intriguing or filled with hoax and other misleading information, people can’t help but read more about topics related to these political figures – it seems people thirst for any news about what these politicians have to say to the public.

Many of them are controversial too, some of them possess quirky personalities that are sometime too difficult to predict or understand, they could be annoying too, they are often times impressive and admirable –all these are what actually make them worth-talking about. Their difference from ordinary citizens is what makes them stand out from the rest.

While it is not good to see leaders exchange repulsive words and behaviors against each other, the public is dying to see and hear all of these. When there are debates and arguments- that’s what makes the social media even more exciting and something to look forward to.

Of course, it is no fun to just see and browse mundane activities and uninteresting news, seeing political figures debate over something is also an opportunity to see who among them thinks the best and who could lead more outstandingly. From the list above, you can get informed about the exemplary leaders in the world.


Free Instagram TV Likes Great for Business Promotion


By happy chance, there is no lapse of things to post on today’s one of the most sought after social media platforms none other than Instagram. In addition, once you have already figured out who you wish to reach, you can absolutely begin searching for the form of content that will resound most with your target audience. It is fundamental to be selective since you will soon uncover that there are limitless number of stuff to post on this social network.

It is worth knowing that IG is all about distinct and creative visuals. Indeed, this means that when you share your product pictures, you will want to ensure that you carefully style them in a manner that is visually appealing. In so doing, this shall help you be more unique and a lot different from your competitors.

With the launch of Instagram TV, IG users are given more opportunities to create, record, upload and share a long video that clearly and best conveys the message that you want to share with their audiences. A lengthy video where you could sum up all the details and info that you wish your followers to know about your brand, company, product or service will help you go further.

Whenever you upload and circulate your IGTV, of course, part of you will always crave for innumerable free Instagram TV likes. The reason behind this is quite obvious- you want to get recognized, you want your band to reach a broader audience and most of all you desire to create a credible online reputation that will resonate to all IG users.

Admittedly, people are more drawn to visuals rather than text alone. IG stories become even more interesting when a photo or video is attached to it. Evidently, it is a lot easier to understand a story that comes with an image or a video. Watching a video or browsing photos get rid of the possibility of making your audience feel bored when it comes to delving into the kind of story that you wish to deliver.

Unlike other social media platforms that are primarily focusing on content and text, Instagram focuses more on visuals which are in truth very effective at luring the attention of social media users. For you to captivate huge following, you’ve got to ensure that your stories are realistic, beneficial and could relate to the lives of your followers. This will definitely help you easily penetrate the thoughts and hearts of your target audience.

When your IG stories are relevant, up-to-date and out-of-the-ordinary; there is no need for you to beg for the attention of countless of Instagram users all over the world.

Basically, you don’t even need to be a pro in social media; you just have to share things that could touch and positively influence the lives of others. If you’re capable of executing this, you will be noticed, loved and appreciated by even those you never thought would recognize you. Having these traits will surely result to obtaining huge number of free Instagram TV likes for your profile.

How Different IGTV is and Free Instagram TV Likes?

Why is Instagram TV quite unconventional from other Instagram video features?

In recent times, IG has launched other features when sharing videos such as the IG Stories and Live and now for a longer video recording, users enjoy IGTV.

It is interesting to note that with IG Live, Instagram users could connect with their viewers through simply publishing a video in real time. Notwithstanding, the drawback of this feature is that these videos are unedited for they are broadcasted as raw.

Meanwhile, IG Stories are impressive in terms of sharing more polished and professional-like edited videos. Indeed, similar with Instagram video posts, these have a limited time of 1 minute. So, evidently, Instagram TV solves both these seen problems on IG.

Basically, with Instagram TV, IG users could craft, save and edit lengthy videos to be broadcasted and shared in the future. What is more, unlike Live videos and IG Stories which will be unavailable to your audiences after 24 hours, videos are circulated and shared on Instagram TV for as long as you desire.

That said, for your followers not feel bored watching your IGTV, it is highly suggested to ensure that your video is capable of conveying concise messages and ideas that you sincerely hope to circulate. This way, you will encourage more audiences and gain more free Instagram TV likes to make your presence felt and appreciated.

As stated by Ashley Godfrey, as business owners or marketers, it is crucial to carry out a video-first tactic all through their marketing efforts. Furthermore, Instagram TV is a fascinating method to be creative and still employ the videos you are producing to other social media platforms. So, users can consider thinking of Instagram TV more as YouTube instead of just an IG story.

While it is tough to anticipate the future, one thing is certain.

As Instagram TV adds more specialized specifications, more IG users will absolutely coordinate with the platform. Moreover, this could mean a few backlashes for other social media networking apps. To date, other social networks like YouTube have leverage with the variation and absolute volume of content it possesses. Instagram TV still has a long way to go to reach that.

Be that as it may, many social media users are aware that IG comes with the potential to defeat adept social networks as they witnessed in the battle of Snapchat versus Instagram Stories.

The key to success when posting on Instagram is the use of the right hashtags or keywords. Take in mind that without being able to search through hashtags or keywords, your message or content isn’t more apt to be unveiled by new followers. In the same way, if your main objective is to utilize IG to boost the number of your target viewers and free Instagram TV likes, then your concentration should be on reaching new and more audiences.

To build a huge following on IG, it matters to also prioritize exclusivity. This is your way of giving your audiences a VIP type of experience. To do so, you need to craft videos particularly for Instagram TV on topics that your viewers will find impressive and fascinating.

Fundamentally, the scarcity shall lure your viewers to follow you so they won’t miss the newest contents that you craft and share.

Educating on Instagram and Automatic Likes


Instagram is not merely designed for photo and video sharing purposes. To every post of video and image, what’s more important is the story behind it and how this could inform or educate us regarding the topic it hopes to impart. This is the most preferred part of IG, users are given the chance to get a glimpse into the daily lives of other users they meet- preferably those who live in entirely distinct cultures than we do.

Instagram also has a way of educating on shared humanity. Users around the globe discover that they aren’t really quite different from the rest of the world; people can unveil more how alike we all are in this planet- all these are explored through the aid of the advanced world of various social media networking apps like Instagram.

In addition, people across the world celebrate various events and occasions, cherish loved ones and pets, appreciate all the things around us, food, travel and all other things that make life so worthwhile. People love taking photos of the places they visit and there are lots of opportunities that await and fascinate us.

On the other hand, Instagram is not only for the good things that we see and enjoy around us. It can also be used to educate and spread to people globally the current happenings; good or bad around us. In other words, people can be educated with various advocacies, discuss issues that need to be solved and some touching real-life stories to get inspirations from. For a fact, topics like these get the more number of automatic likes.

Obviously, many issues have been solved because others have posted this to social media. The attention of authorities is instantly called whenever the case or story of a victim was shared by countless of netizens. It is like when more people talk about it and show their support with a certain issue or story, this becomes easily solved. This is a clear manifestation of educating people about shared humanity.  

More than that, once social media is used on a worthwhile means, this becomes especially beneficial to all. Rather than discussing topics that are intriguing and could only result to chaos and nonsense debates, educating people with noteworthy feeds should be a top priority. Needless to say, it would be a lot easier and moving to share things that come with positivity and good purpose rather than spreading rumors or useless news that would only divide people.

Inspiring and moving topics on Instagram absolutely acquire the most number of automatic likes. With high stress level in daily lives, people these days opt for positive and motivating stories rather than read and deal with more depressing issues and discussions. While there is nothing wrong to discuss negative topics at times, still it is best to focus on the positive to make everyone happier.

In a nutshell, Instagram is a perfect site where you can educate people with shared humanity and other moving topics that could make life a lot better! So, use it not only aesthetically but wisely.

Applying Filters and Editing Your IG Posts to Gain Automatic Likes

Beyond shadow of a doubt, Instagram has gone so far since its emergence when it comes to posting options. In the year 2010 when it was initially launched, IG users could merely post images by means of the app and from there add filters without other additional features that make a great “edit.”

At present, Instagram users could post from existing videos or images or post directly with the aid of the app on their device. At the same time, it is possible to post both videos and images – short-length or lengthy ones. Not only that, IG users are even provided with a number of useful filter options wherein they could edit at once and be able to tweak adjust some posts.

As you click the center IG posting tab, you could choose the video or camera button to enable the app discern whether you prefer to post a video or images. Capture it by means of the app, or click the video or image preview box in order to stop the formerly captured one.

What other edit filters or features can you enjoy in using Instagram?

IG has a number of filters that users can select from in order for them to implement these to both images and videos. Of course, you absolutely wish to edit your images and videos properly to increase the likelihood of acquiring more automatic likes. Through simply clicking the button “Edit”, located at underneath the photo editor, users could carry out the editing effects that enable them to effectively edit structure, contrast, brightness and some other adjustments they prefer.

However, if you wish to edit your videos, all you need to do is to trim them and choose a cover frame of your preference. In addition, if you hope to edit your video or photo within the IG app, you will be required to click the wrench button and from there pick a feature that is available on the menu underneath it.  You may also do some adjustments on sharpness, contrast, highlights, tilt shift, warmth, shadows, saturation and vignette aspects.

Not to mention, with professionally-edited photos and videos, other Instagram users will find your posts quite impressive, as a result, they will more likely to hit the automatic like button. On your part, this will be a big help particularly if you are a brand or a company that try to reach millions of users and convert them to loyal customers.

It is all thanks to the very advanced features of various social media platforms these days; individuals, organizations, brands, non-profit sectors and other users can carry out whatever  purpose they may have in using a specific social networking app. Making your brand known or spreading your advocacy is no longer a pain in the neck.

With the help of special editing features as well, you can possibly come up with high quality and well-crafted images and videos that could easily impress your target audiences. Attractive snapshots and videos are great way to convey the message you wish to circulate.

Maximizing Profit with the Panel for Reseller Business


Just like all other businesses, everyone who starts the reseller panel business starts it with the aim of making profit. No one does it for the sake of doing it. As a matter of fact, a large number of people actually prefer to get involved in this business because it is not hard to operate and actually promises good margins. This is true about the business. It is not really to operate and one can be sure about earning some very good margins from it. You however have to first make sure that you are doing everything right. There are certain fundamentals that need to be taken into account so as to ensure that you actually get the maximum possible benefit from this business.

First and foremost you need to take the service provider that you will be working with for the panel for reseller business into very great consideration. You have to understand that the role that is played by this service provider is a very crucial one. This is one aspect that can either make or break your business. The service provider does not only provide the bandwidth and drive space that you will be providing to your clients; they also provide the infrastructure using which the service delivery will be done.  You need to make sure that you get the best available in the business. They have to be professional and with good experience in the field. You have to be sure that they know what they are doing. You have to remember that all the technical aspects of your business will be handled by this service provider; it simply means that the provider is handling the core of your business. If you play around with this role, you can be sure that your reseller panel business will not bring in any returns.

The panel for reseller that you choose to use is another very important aspect. Your customers are another very core aspect of your business. Withoutcustomers you can be sure that you will not be making any money; they are the ones that consume the services and pay for them. It is integral that you get the best tool available in the market. It is this tool that you will use to manage your clients. It then means that the one that you choose has to be able to help you take very good care of your customers. Remember that happy customers make for a happy business owner.

Running a panel for reseller business is not hard seeing as most of the core functions are outsourced. However as a business owner, if you do not take the steps to ensure that the services are outsourced to the right people, you can be sure that you will not make the profits that you desire to. It is important that you make sure that you get the most professional service providers available; those that will provide you with the most effective services the most efficiently.

Marketing your Reseller Panel Business

The Reseller Panel business has really picked up in the recent times. More and more people are choosing to get into it. This is mainly because of theconvenienceand ease of operation that comes with it.Itis indeed a good business and provided one does things right, succeeding at it is really not very hard. One very integral component of any business is marketing. Thus once you ensure that you have set up everything right for the business and you are ready to go, you will really need to work on ensuring that word gets out there about the business that you are running. This is the only way that you will be able to get the many customers that will translate into very high sales. That being said, how then do you market yourreseller panel business?

There are quite a number of avenues that you can choose to market your panel for reseller business through. Firstandforemost considering the fact that it is an online run business, the online platform is one that you really need to take advantage of. The social media platforms available today provide us wi8trh very good marketing avenues. These are avenues that allow us to reach a larger audience of people within a short time and without having to invest too many resources. Thus you need to take advantage of them. Use all your social media platforms to tell the world that you are running a business. Make sure that you send out attractive yet informative messages. The attractive aspect will capture the attention of the people while the informative part will convince them that you are able to offer exactly what they are looking for.

Familyand friends is another good avenue through which to market yourreseller panel business. Word of mouth has actually been proven to be one of the most effective marketing avenues. Human beings tend to trust service providers to whom they have been referred to by someone they know compared to some rando9m service provider they came across. It would thusbe good for you to use family friends and especially existing customers to spread the word around.

You can also use simple avenues such as fliers. You can print out a number of fliers with all the details of your panel for resellerbusiness and have them spread around. The good thing with fliers is that they will allow you to effectively cover a certain geographical area and also to reach out to a good number of people that you would have otherwise not been able to reach out to; you will be able to reach out to people who have no connection to your friends, family and existing customers and also that do not follow you on social media.

Without marketing, a business cannot succeed. Marketing gets you the customers that you need and the customers then get you the sales that you need. It is thus imperative that as you work on your panel for reseller business, you ensure that you have a solid marketing plan to ensure its success.



Differentiating Fake and Real YouTube Views


The need for organizations and individuals to have their YouTube content go viral and rank highly on YouTube has seen been the force behind the growing menace of fake YouTube views. A few years back, YouTube organization drove a massive campaign that saw close to two billion views removed from channels that were suspected to be using fake views. Surprisingly, even well-established big organizations were caught up in this saga that ended even in closure of some YouTube channels that seemed notorious. Any investor out there who understands the power in social media marketing will tell you the essence of maintaining a good relation with YouTube to avoid being cut out from this yet to be fully tapped marketing potential that YouTube holds. So, how do you recognize real YouTube views from fake ones? Below is a breakdown of indicators that a person intending to buy YouTube views can use to differentiate real views from fake ones.

Suspiciously low amount of dislikes

A video that attracts a large number of likes would obviously attract substantial number of dislikes as well. For instance, a video that has a million views would most likely have approximately two hundred thousand dislikes, this will sound logic. However, fake bot generated likes will have ridiculously small number of dislikes which by all means is impossible. We all know that even the most popular posts will have people clicking the thumbs-down button. So this should obviously act as an indicator that the likes are actually fake. With the ever increasing number of YouTube views sellers, it can be hard to recognize a legit vender. The best way to avoid being scammed is looking for reviews or asking around from friends or trusted business associates who can vouch for them.

Relatively low number of subscribers

Let’s say for instance a channel is getting hundreds of thousands or even millions of views but the subscribers are just about two or three thousand. The mathematics here does not make sense by all means and that indicates that the views are fake. Such kind of channel portrays a negative picture to authentic viewers and losses its credibility in the products that it promotes. However, there are vendors who are genuine and will provide you with real YouTube views that will help your channel rank high. When you buy YouTube views that are of high quality, you will be able to generated reasonable subscribers who will be proportional to the number of views. This is because the purchased views are real.

A channel with unrealistic likes compared to the views

A channel that has cheaply acquired fake views will have unrealistically small number of likes. We all have watched a video on YouTube that we feel is really cool. Although, we don’t click the like button on all the videos that we watch we sometimes do click on those ones that we feel are good enough and deserve our like. So finding a video with a million views and ten thousand likes is quite abnormal. Always buy YouTube views that are real and genuine enough to attract an engagement that will generate not only likes but comments, shares, ad revenue and more. Essentially, these are the primary reason why a channel owner will opt to buy YouTube views and you can sure get them when you acquire high quality real viewers.

The Channel has very Few Comments

It is definitely almost impossible to fake comments since they require different content and the posting should be of different timelines spread across several weeks or months. However, the vendors of the cheap views are clever and they know how to drive an instant number of spam comments which if you take a closer look you will notice that the comments do not really make sense at all. Either they don’t relate to the topic sentence of the video or the comments are all positive and very short.

Once you can identify the traits of scammers like the ones discussed above, you probably won’t be easily swindled of your hard earned cash and risk your channel being red flagged by YouTube. So if you want to buy YouTube views that are real and that will improve your channel’s popularity but you are afraid of being scammed, then here are ways to help you recognize a genuine vendor.

Reliability of the Vendor

Before you buy the YouTube views, you need to find the reliability and trustworthiness of the service provider. Understand that scammers would not hold up a sign that says they are scammers. Therefore, before approaching any vendor, conduct a quick research by yourself. You can find a lot of good information about the various service providers. Their websites layout and the description of the services offered can tell a lot about the vendor. People who are out there to scam buyers will use a lot of sell out promotional language always basing their argument on money, and obviously promising the cheapest service compared to a genuine service provider. Also don’t forget to check the review section where people who have previously transacted with a certain service provider express their opinion about the services they received. This can help you vet the different service providers to determine the genuine one.

Customer Service Offered

A genuine service provider will offer before and after sale services to their customers. This is to ensure that their customers are comfortable with the package they have bought and can see the value of their money in it. However, cons will desert you once you buy the views from them which are obviously a time- boom that will explode shortly after and might disappoint all your achievements. Be careful who you buy YouTube views from to ensure you don’t get frustrated by people who are out to make a kill and don’t care about you or your brand that you are out to promote.

The Guarantee Terms Offered

Any credible YouTube views seller will definitely offer some sort of guarantee to their client. It’s one way of maintaining a good relationship that may result in more future sales or referrals which is also a very good marketing tool. Buy YouTube views from a vendor who is willing to commit himself that in case of a mishap, they are ready to take responsibility and rectify the mistake.

The Price

A genuine YouTube vendor will charge a reasonable price, not too expensive and also not unreasonably cheap. Any vendor who tells you to buy YouTube views at a cost that is way below the average cost charged by the other vendors is probably not selling genuine views. Quality is always expensive. So be ready to invest so that you can expect good returns.

Achieving a better visibility on YouTube is not easy. New uploads are being made every day hence requiring you to apply different marketing strategy, one being to buy YouTube views. This will help enhance your YouTube channel visibility which is important if you want to remain relevant on YouTube. Resorting to purchase high quality views will enable you achieve your goals within a short time. The only requirement is for you to be careful when buying the views to avoid the many cons on the internet purporting to offer the services.



Latest Massage Chair Technologies you Need to Know


As much as modernity has eased life, it has also taken a toll on our lives causing significant body strains. Whether one is working in the corporate world or just running house chores, there is always so much that needs to be done in a very limited time. Such strains have caused increase in levels of stress, anxiety, and tension all of which if not handled in in time can lead to severe medical conditions.

A surprising report by the World Health Organization (WHO) indicates that stress will be number two in the order of disability causing complications by 2030. This will cause reduction in productivity in work places as well as at home and increased pressure on health care providers. To avoid this, a significant number of individual are taking a closer look at the massage chair market due to their abilities to zero stress levels in the most natural manner.


A while ago, massage chairs had very basic operations. They were difficult to use and often sitting in them felt like one is riding a rickety train. However, recent models have been designed to become more efficient and user friendly. There is basically a design for everyone be it a taller person, pregnant woman, aged people, and even kids.

Here is a remarkable assortment of the latest development in the massage chair technologies.


Body scanners


This massage chair technology was conceptualized to help alleviate the back of any strain. This feature allows the massage chair to scan the back of the user and take measurements so as to customize the massage roller. The scanners are meant to help the chair adjust to the various body contours of any user. This is essential considering that the back is prone to fatigue more than other body parts.


Air bag technology

Most of the latest massage chair designs come fitted with tiny air bags all over the chair, which are essential in massaging specific part of the back. The air bags also help bring in the human hand feeling in the massage. The tiny air bags also help the body’s blood circulation, which apart from the relaxed feeling that it brings helps the body to detoxify.


Heating technology


The inception of heating technology is the game changer in the massage chair technology. The heat here is a complete replica of that used in spa massages. However, the advantage here is that you can override the machine’s command and target specific areas of the body that the user feels need an extra attention. Heat technology is popular for its body toxins removal capabilities that help the skin rejuvenate by removing the dead skin hence giving the user a smooth looking skin.


Zero gravity technology


This is probably the latest most exiting innovation in massage chair technology. The feature works by scanning the body of the user and adjusting the massage chair appropriately. The position adjusted to makes the user feel as if they are floating in the air. Most massage chairs are including this feature, which is awesome in helping the user regain body posture.

Audio visuals


Most massage chairs come with in built audiovisual technologies that help the user choose what they want to listen to or watch while sited in the massage chair. This helps to enhance the relaxation feeling that the user derives from the use of the massage chair.


Roller technology


This is one of the features that was missing in older massage chair designs. The feature allows the user to target specific body parts including the arms, which was not possible with previous designs.


Variable speed

The variable massage invention gives room for adjusting how fast or slow the rollers are moving or any other movement in the chair. The ability to control this movement makes the massage comfortable and not feels like one is riding a worn out motorcycle. Inarguably a good massage chair should definitely give room to remote control so that you don’t have to move every now and then when you want to make adjustments.


In conclusion


Massage chairs have come a long way since their introduction in the market. You can now get a massage chair that is incorporating most of the above features such that it will serve almost every massage need for you and your family members. Further improvements are being made and we’ll sure continue updating the list as new inventions and innovations knock in.

Massage Chair being in the knowhow

Today’s society comes with a lot of challenges not only to the young but to the old too.  A number of people are grappling with lifestyle diseases that were unheard of many years ago.   As if this is not really enough, young and old too are still faced with having to meet their day to day challenges.  These put together can add to stress levels in anyone individual.  How does one therefore relax at the end of the day?  There are many ways people can relax, but the above takes a toll on the body and the best therapy anyone can give a tired worn out body at the end of the day is a relaxation in an easy and comfortable massage chair.

Some of the benefits that you can give your tired body using the chair include alleviation of stress, relaxation and loosening of sore muscles, improving the flow of blood, alleviation of unnecessary headaches and back pain just to name a few.  The list is in fact endless.  This is not just hearsay but has been proved by the medical fraternity and in available researches all across the board.   Have you ever wondered why health facilities lead in the number of these chairs?

But buyers of massage chair of any kind should also take great care where they make their purchase.   It is common knowledge that the chairs are therapeutic and because of that there has been a lot of craze amongst manufacturers to sell into the market.  Some of these are refurbished while others are brand new.  How does one know what to look for when the market is over flooded with such products?  Below are facts worth considering avoiding being taken for a ride and not loose your hard earned finances.  It is important to do your research to avoid the same.

Firstly, look for reputable companies who have been in the market long enough and have been able to build a reputation.   This is not to say that you should not buy from companies that are breaking through the market.  Knowing a reputation of a producer allows you as a buyer to have complete control.  In case of a problem, have a company you easily can identify with and have your product repaired.  Secondly, the issue of safety should be considered greatly.  How safe is the product in question?   Remember that for you to have a peace of mind safety must be ensured.

Thirdly and most importantly does the massage chair come with money back warranty?  When making queries regarding a product as a potential buyer, these are some of the issues that you should address.  The chairs don’t come cheap.  Investing in a product of this magnitude should therefore give you as the potential owner a reason to want to know the reputation of a particular company.  Currently, the market is a wash with numerous products from different companies both big and small but what reputation do you have about them as a buyer.  Seek reviews from friends and family who have dealt with them.

Despite the above, there are still incredible products in the market that can be used by literally everyone around the house.  A chair in essence should be 100% or so safe.  The issue of security cannot therefore be taken lightly.  A chair uses electricity and anything that uses electricity should provide safety to all users despite their varied age groups.  The issue of security when it comes to using a chair should not be underrated at any given cost.  A chair is not anything you would wish to discard at the end of every given year and have it replaced.

Finally, before making your massage chair purchase know what you are looking for.  Most chairs in the market provide between 5 to 8 or so intensity levels.  Ensure that you understand intensity levels by discussing the same with the company representative.  If you are in a position to do so, test the chair in question.  You should also remember to take into consideration members of your household who will be using the chair.  It should be easy to use by any one not forgetting to have an adult around in an event a child uses the chair at any given time.  It is a relaxation chair for all around the home.